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Saturday, 30 April 2011


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i think my favorite is the full size rainbow gnomes. they are adorable!

I love the rainbow gnomes and will be ordering a set as soon as my wee one stops insisting that all ceatures be nak-ee ;)

How cute! My favorite item is the duck family.

How could anyone not love the spring colors of the pink and green waldorf gnome set!! Too cute:O

The rainbow gnome set. But i also liked the math set!!

LOVE the rainbow gnome LO loves our neighbor's garden gnomes, what a cute idea for a toy, too!

I too think the little gnomes are cute, and I like them in both the rainbow set and the little pastel sets... way too cute!

my fav is definitley the rainbow gnome family! Soo cute, I will be adding you on FB now! My email is : )

I personally love the pink and green waldorf gnome set, but I know my daughter would LOVE the duck family set. She LOVES ducks.

I love the math gnome set; what a great idea!

urchiken at gmail dot com

My favourite is definitely the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set - the regular or mini, it doesn't really matter, they are both adorable!

foranyoccasioncards [at] gmail [dot] com

I've also posted about this fabulous giveaway on facebook. Here is the link:

foranyoccasioncards [at] gmail [dot] com

I hope I win! :)

Your Etsy shop is so very magical, and I love everything but 'tis the Old Father Sliffslaff-Slibberslak that truly steals my heart! So adorably cute! : )

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )


I am LOVING your Etsy shop! I just started preschool with my daughter (at home) and these duckies would be wonderful for reinforcing colors (plus she loves ducks). :)

I also love the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set!

Hi! My favourite items are the ducklings and the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set. My son would love to play with them! Thanks!

The children in my preschool class would love to play with these ducks! I also like the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome Set for their free play center!
Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the duckies~!

I think the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set is adorable!

onehotstove AT gmail DOT com

I love the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set, I could see my little girl lining them up and saying the colours.

My favorite is the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome Set..and I love the Playsilks as well!

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

I think the rainbow Waldorf gnome set is so cute! boehm dot allison at gmail dot com

I like the little turtle.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set! Sooooooooooo cute.

Vegan rainbow gnomes. :)
aimeehagertyjohnson at gmail dot com

I like the vegan rainbow gnome set!
nbalogh522 at gmail dot com


cutest ducks ever! I like the yellow playsilk (sold) and the rainbow gnomes!


posted on FB!

I love the duck family. So cute.

The Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set is just so sweet! Love the giveaway ducks, too!

I posted on Facebook about this giveaway!

I tweeted about this giveaway!!/MaryLeeByTheSea/status/65186087584268288

I really like the tiny turtle, its so small and cute!

I like the
Pink and Green Waldorf Gnome set.

love the magenta fairy.
diarygirl at live dot com

I think Old Father Sliffslaff Slibberslak is cute!

wow, I love the rainbow gnome set!!!!/whimsical.fairytales

I posted on my fb page!!!
Thank you!

duck family, without a doubt. My littl;e boys (3 and 6) are helping raise 4 Indian runner duck ducklings right now. The duck love is strong here :-)

So cute! I would buy the rainbow ducks! But out of the store stuff I think I really like the pink and yellow gnome set. So cute!

Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set is my favorite next to the little rainbow duckies in the above photo, but I didn't see them in the

I love the duck family! My daughter loves ducks and would get a kick out of these!

The vegan Rainbow Gnome Set is too cute!

My fav is the Waldorf Math Gnome Set.
fastkat at gmail dot com

I like the wooden fairies! Everything is very cute!!

I like the rainbow waldorf gnome set. So cute!

The wise little owl is really cute, but everything is really :)

I loved the rainbow Waldorf Gnome set! You have a beautiful store!
maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

i like the Rainbow Gnome Set - Vegan

I like the Teal blue Fairy.

Love the ducks and the little owl!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Love the gnome set :) and the ducks in the giveaway!

The Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set is adorable! Thank you!

Rainbow Waldorf Gnomes

I shared this giveaway on FB
Jesse HEnnings

I tweeted about this giveaway.
Jesse Hennings

I like the Tiny Turtle. He's pretty cute.

The duckies are my favorite but I love the friendly froggie too!

rainbow gnomes

Oh wow!!! I love those ducks!!
My favourite item is the rainbow gnomes! The vegan ones, in particular!
My email address is nicole at knitnicoleknit dot com

I tweeted the giveaway here

I love the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set, how cute!

Love old father sliffslaff-slibberslak.

I love the duck family. My daughter would definitely get a kick out of them!

I like the duck family too.

I shared on twitter -!/HisPrincess886/status/65777546662395904.

I shared on fb -!/permalink.php?story_fbid=150302998370502&id=100001891505536.

love the rainbow waldorf gnome set. Also the tiny turtle and the play silks that are in the sold category.



The Math Gnome Set! Sooo cute!
posting on facebook

I love the duck family!

Posted on Facebook.

I love the little turtle, the snail, and the ducks. However, it is ALL adorable !

I really like the mini rainbow dwarf set. They are adorable

artsofeska at

I am so glad I found your blog and your shop! Everything is so cute! It's a tough choice but I like the rainbow gnomes the best. My son loves old father sliffslaff-slibberslak. The ducks are also too cute for words!

I tweeted! -!/Kmarie7/status/65905097145724928

and shared on facebook :)

Love the Gnomes.

Actually... I love the wooden ducks you have for this giveaway the best! Our nursery is a pond theme so that's why I like them. :)

I love the Wise Little Owl


I love the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set


Post it on my FB wall:

My fav is the vegan rainbow gnome set

Personally, I think the Waldorf math gnomes that sold are adorable! All of the gnomes are cute, come to think of it. ;) Great work!

My email address is Thanks for this chance to win!

Taylor Lynn <3

I love all of the duck sets. So adorable!

I just tweeted this giveaway.

I posted this giveaway on my facebook page.

I love the wise little owl!

I simply love these: Pink and Green Waldorf Gnome set - Vegan.

so.kitsch at gmail dot com

Shared on Fb:

so.kitsch at gmail dot com

Shared on Twitter:!/my_wunderkammer/status/66404830733811712

so.kitsch at gmail dot com

I love the tiny turtle in the shop! thanks!

There are many cute items - i really adore the Lilac Fairy!

I like the Duck Family of Two.

I love mini Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set

I love the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome set

I really like the Lilac Fairy she is to cute.

I like the Rainbow Waldorf Gnome Set. So cute!

ravensrascals at gmail dot com

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